Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday, Jan 2, 2009 (and a little from Jan 1)

First, the big news! We had a cake decorating contest today. I had so much fun! It was hysterical and adorable and whimsical and care-free.

Watch the video here!

Now for news mostly about food:

The food was ok, but it has been my least favorite lunch so far.

Our 'dorm mother' made a traditional new years soup for us yesterday evening. Wow, so good. Beef, rice noodles, onions. Amazing.

Here are Sarah, Amber, Michelle, Mark and Diana enjoying the yumminess!

A few hours later we went out to dinner for Amanda's 23rd birthday. We found a Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor of the building I live in (I am on the 7th floor) which had really amazing prices and some incredible food.

Brandon ordered fried rice and got a serving of black bean sause as well.

Amanda ordered seafood and rice in some kind of red sauce. Apparently it was very spicy!

The restaurant was having a special last night for new year's. Black beans and noodles which were only 1,000 won instead of 2,000 and very delicious.(I am about to eat my left overs for dinner tonight.) Apparently, this dish is somewhat traditional (we had it at school today too.)

Eating noodles with chopsticks is a little bit of a challenge (at least, if you don't want to wear sauce home with you) but apparently I did fairly well since the Korean girl who was with us asked where I had learned to use chopsticks. I have actually had a few Koreans compliment me on my use of chopsticks. It makes me laugh since I remember the first time I ate at a Thai restaurant where we had to use chopsticks (most of the time in Thailand you use a spoon) and I made a HUGE mess. I guess that was enough to encourage me to perfect my skills. Now I practice picking every piece of rice off my plate when I go to eat sushi. I guessed it finally paid off.

Brandon, Amber, myself and Brianna at dinner.

And lastly, because I know some of Michelle's friends have been reading this blog and because a few people have asked me about who I am here teaching with, this is Michelle in her room. She is next door to me, but teaches in the lower school building, and I teach in the upper school building. She is from Concord and I am from Charlotte. She is also the only other believer I know of in the American staff that is here.

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Suzanna said...

Suzi was here.

The cake decorating looks so fun! Are those Froot Loops??

The Korean food I've had has made me sad, and has also not looked like what you're showing here. Maybe I could like Korean food after all.

*HUGS* Happy New Year, sweetie!