Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super secret project

I have a huge multi-media project that I am slowly, ever so slowly working on. Bless my patient husband who allows me space, time and help to get these projects done. In this case I am saving aluminum cans so that I can flatten them and use them for the "super secret project". It is super secret because I won't explain it to my kids. They always have 2 cents to put in about what I am working on, and I often just don't want to/need to/care to hear it. Let the artist alone to do her thing for goodness sake!

A piece of the project
One of the posters I had at my house before I married has been quoted by my husband many times over. I will admit I love new things just as much as the next girl, but learning to repurpose, renew and recreate has given me great joy and a lot of really cools things!

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do

And finally, in the middle of all of this fun recreating and trying new things, I still live in a regular house with a "regular" *snerk snerk* family. We leave stuff all over the place, we have stacks of stuff that need to go to the attic or get left at the top of the stairs until dispersed. We have walls that need painting and pillows on the floor. And today, instead of adding these to my to-do list, I am just going to enjoy the blessing of really "living" in a home with a family that is healthy, happy and together.