Monday, March 2, 2009

NYC Post 3

Sorry that this post is long overdue, but Thank God for the snowday which allows me to get caught up! (Hint: Cursor over pics for additional info)

On Friday 2.13 I visited the MoMA for a few hours. It was free admission night (sponsored by target) and the place was packed!

I didn't get to hang out very long, but I did see a few things that I liked:

I am a sucker for modern furniture and this one really caught my fancy.
It is the Prince Chair by Louise Campbell 2002.

The cold, bare garden at MoMA:

One of the things I LOVE about NYC - the different kinds/eras/functions of architecture all crammed into such a small space!

More delightfully modern chairs:

More modern furniture:

In the background of the pictures you can see an exhibit that I really enjoyed and want to research more: Esquire covers from 1962-1972".
Several of the covers I would love to find prints of and hang on a wall someday as they have poignant social commentary.
Like this one:



I was fascinated!

I ever so briefly popped up to the 5th & 6th floor galleries and the first one I turned into had this in full view.

I have never figured out whether I am drawn to this painting because on some inner level I can relate to it, or because I CANNOT relate to it. But it mesmerizes me, never the less.

There were many fantastical things in those galleries: Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rousseau - etc. It was at this point that I realized that it was a dishonor to fly through these galleries for just a glimpse (and I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner) so I promised all these fantastic artists that I would return someday to stand, stunned, in front of their beautiful expressions. Until then, I would hold the MoMA in my mind as a bastion of all the things in life that I love - that draw me to tears and tear at my heart.

After dinner that night (which we ate at Havana which I would recommend b/c they have the best Mojitos in the world!) we visited the M&M store (which I posted about earlier.) Here are a few more images for those of you who could not see the first.

Liz and I teased b/c she came up with purple about thirsting for knowledge and mine came up pink about being sweet, etc. We think maybe the machine got us confused. ;-)

A few images of Time Square:

Natalie, my friend from CIU that was such a fantastic hostess, charmed with me valentines gifts!

Nat's place:

The Trains:

Union Square:

Seen around NYC:

Sometimes you see acts of compassion that make you thank God in this city so busy with the post-post-modern. People still have work to do.

Elizabeth and I were sitting on a park bench discussing 'everything' (books that is) when we saw a group of people lining up. I thought maybe they were waiting for a bus - but it seemed a long time (and a long line) for a bus. We found out that they were lining up for soup and bread and people who would speak to them a good Word of hope.

Street art:

while Liz and I were standing on a corner and she was using her handy-dandy fold-out map to figure out where we were, I noticed a vending machine unline any other I had seen. I could get Jesus on a ring for .50!!! I had to have one!

Found a new Japanese clothing store that I loved:

Everything in the store was clean lines, clean colors, clean textures. I was in uniqlo> in love!

NYC's eternal legacy

Bloomingdale's is celebrating Barbie's birthday!

Liz takes in the mini-display:

BUT if you want a more ethic feel to your delightful doll you can buy one of these:


NYC Police Dept.

Frogs in Chinatown:

Little Italy:

We stopped at ChaCha's for dinner in Little Italy. The ambience was nice, and the waiters were cute, but I sent back food for the first time in my life! I ordered stuffed shells, but the ricotta was soooo sour, I just couldn't believe it was good. It was like tasting 2 month old lumpy milk. I felt horrible. I am one of the most adventurous people I know regarding food, and I love all kinds, but I just cannot believe that is what my food was supposed to taste like! But I ended up with this (which was delicious!)

Liz makes her 'mmmm, this is yummy!' face:

worse for wear but very content (also, you can see my jesus ring on my right hand!)

Union Square at night:

Do you recognize where Liz and I ate our Breakfast Tuesday morning?

The service was FANTASTIC - no soup nazi here!!!
We had cute little glasses of OJ:

Coffee love - see my ring again?

A fanatastic and very affordable breakfast!

Sadly, this is the only Pic Elizabeth and I had taken of us together.

That pretty much covers it. The only thing I haven't talked much about is how fantastic BOTH church services I went to on Sunday were. Maybe I will get around to pondering that shortly. (Though, I have so much of that nature that I am pondering now that I don't know which to type up first!)

Whooooooo. That was some serious picture-age!