Monday, December 29, 2008

You can Hate me if you want to

***warning, this is a food post. Do not read if you are already hungry***

Tonight's aperitif:

After class today (Mon, 12-29) a few of the teachers and I went to Emart which is like a SuperWalmart, a Sears and a small mall all in one humongeous building.
This is Amanda, Amber, Brandon, Gillian and Bess. (There were 4 others, but I am not sure where they were at the time.)

The supermarket portion of this store is amazing. All kinds of things. It was probably smaller than many American grocery stores, but of course it was far more interesting to look at. There were people sampling different things all over the place (kind of like they do at Costco.)

Here you can buy Sushi by the piece.

Which is what I did.

Eventually, this was my dinner:

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Anonymous said...

*snarl* LJ keeps messing up my OpenID thing, so this is the third and last time I am writing this comment. *pout*

Grocery stores in other countries are always fascinating to me. It's like walking around in a little corner of the "real" Koreans'/Russians'/etc daily experience. I imagine there are also more traditional food-buying places, right? Are there small little indoor grocers where they serve you, or is it primarily street stall type shopping, or what?