Friday, February 10, 2012

little bits of craftsy stuff

Tuesday my sister and niece and I spent the day together and we experimented with fusing plastic. First thought - this is not as easy as it looks. It is not difficult but it takes some experimentation depending on your iron, the thickness of the plastic bags, etc.

Different plastics have different thicknesses and different flexibilities.

I have a lot of practicing to do to get this the way I would want it... and also, I don't shop enough (outside grocery stores) and I try to take my own recycled bags whenever I can remember, so I don't have a lot of colorful bags. The whole point of this craft is to recycle what I have... so I need to put some more thought into this.

Slightly more successful is my crocheted rug from old sheets. When I finished slicing up one sheet this is what the ball of 'yarn' looked like:

I have started the crocheting process but no pics yet.

Monday, February 6, 2012

House improvements

Two weeks ago my mother came over and helped me finish pulling up the carpet in the main portion of the house. Here are pictures of the floor:

I still need to repaint the baseboards and put in quarter-round but progress is being made!

Many little things and pictures (mostly craftsy stuff)

Right now I feel like my life is made up of many little things that I enjoy - none are life changing or magnificent but they reflect who I am and I am liking myself more and more as I get to know me.

About 2 out of 3 Sundays my friend Sushil and I go to church together. Sometimes we go to UCity (where he usually goes) and sometimes we go to Warehouse 242 (where I have attended for the past 8 years.) It is nice to go to church with someone. Afterwards we usually go get lunch and this past week we went to Pinky's which is my favorite spot on my side of town and I had this:
Yummy Margarita. This was a small thing that made me happy - kind of like feeding the swans a few sundays ago did.

I have been painting a little bit again lately which is nice and therapeutic. Last week I finished this one:

Friday I did this one:

And yesterday and today I worked on this:
In Progress Which became:

Holy Ground which I need to take a better picture of since the glare is so bad, but the canvas was still wet...

I have also been crocheting. Here are three of my latest projects:

baby hat (which I am going to send to a friend in Austin who is expecting her first little boy.) and
Sushil's hat.

And this is me tonight... in my big fleece, enjoying quiet time at my house.
lazy me.