Friday, December 31, 2010

What is your reaction? Answers in Genesis, Freedom of Speech and cultural perception

This post is in response to a brief article from Relevant Magazine about the controversial billboard that AIG is displaying in Time Square tonight as part of their campaign to "confront and challenge people about threats to America’s freedom of religion and freedom of speech"

Here is the add in question:

What I am NOT doing or interested in doing:
  • Using this particular blog entry to argue creation v. evolution
  • Labeling or assigning motives to anyone
  • Adding anything to the Gospel
What I am interested in doing is hearing different opinions and perceptions of this advertisement and how you think it will be received/perceived by those who see it.

I called AIG and asked if this add was going to be running in Time Square tonight and was told yes. I asked where more information could be found and I was directed to Ken Ham's blog.

This is the entry introducing the ad. 

This is a further post by Ham about the media attention this as is attracting.

This is the article about the campaign that is posted on AIG's website.

What I (seeking to figure out the motive behind this ad) understand is that they are making a statement about the "intolerant liberals" who are attempting to limit AIG's freedom of speech or nay-say their museum, educational tools, ark project, etc.

My question is whether or not this advertisement (or their billboard campaign) effectively communicates this desire?

And does it further the message of the Gospel?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to Brooklyn

My flight left at 6.30 this morning. All went extremely smoothly (it always seems to when you are not in a hurry) and I made it into Brooklyn a little after 9. I took the Airtrain to the E and transferred to the G and viola, here I am.

While waiting for the E @Jamaica I saw this fantastic sign:

Unfortunately I cannot read all the small print but it did make me laugh since last weeks episode of Bones (granted it was in DC) was about how they solved a murder in the DC Metro based on the content of a rat's stomach. IF rats are so useful in solving cases, is NYC sure they want to kill them all off?

My friend lives in the Polish portion of Brooklyn so I decided to try local food for lunch (always a better idea than visiting a chain imho.) This restaurant appealed to me, though I have no idea why.
I ordered some delish Pirogies.

Now I am back at N's house and about to lie down for a little mid-day nappage. Figured I would throw up these three pics before my weekend picked up speed and I didn't have time to keep up with all that was happening.

More later.