Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vacation in Sosua

12 friends of mine from Charlotte came down to Sosua for a long weekend April 10th-14th and we had alot of fun. It was great to see everyone and nice to spend 3 days with no school work, no tests to grade, and not having to worry about the multitude of strange things that happen here in Jarabacoa. We played in the pool, layed on the beach, went snorkling, ate food, drank yummy tropical drinks and laughed alot. Here is a small piece of the fun.
The second morning I was there I went and found a hammock by myself, curled up with a copy of "The Book Thief" and enjoyed the sun and the sound of surf while I sat in silent contemplation. I took a picture of the hammock so that when I need to visualize a safe and quiet place, I can think of my time sitting there.
fantasy sunsets We saw the most beautiful sunsets there. Pictures do not do them justice.
the colors were amazing
Later that night we had seafood. I had snapper stuffed with salmon maybe...(???) I cannot remember, but it was very good. Probably didn't help that I had eaten quite a large snack at another resort restaurant 2 hours earlier. Melissa, Christina and Tracey
Pool fun:
Dana, Christina and Stephanie
Our last night there we had italian and much fun occurred. Afterward Kyle and Jenn sang Karaoke. Then fooze ball then some time at the discotheque.
1/2 the gang including jenn, mercer, stephanie, amy, greg, kyle, christina

Our temporary visitor...

Rachel, Christy Elmer and I were eating leftovers on Thursday night during a thunderstorm. As the rain slowed we kept hearing a cat (sounded like a kitten) but could not figure out where the noise was coming from. Finally, after half an hour I went out to track down the mewing that was pathetic and insistent. I looked and looked and could not find the culprit. After about 10 minutes I found this:

So, we rescued it:

It appears to be ok. It is hanging out on our front porch and gets to come inside for an hour or two a day. A family here is supposed to take it (I told them God sent it to us in a rainstorm with instructions attached to pass it along to them) but they are being slow. We will find it a home at school on Monday. It will NOT remain with us. But, for the time being, it is cute.