Monday, June 8, 2009

A year today - An Ebeneezer

That I have been back in the United States from the Dominican Republic. A year today that I have been living with my parents.

I have been teaching part time for CPCC for 10 months! This is my third semester teaching with them, so that has been a good experience. (Trying at times, but overall I love what I do!)

And I have had my 'day job' for 3.5 months. (Gosh, it sure feels longer than that!)

I am scheduled to close on a small house off wilkinson on June 30th, and my roommate from the DR (rachel) is supposed to arrive that evening for a week stay.

It is a moment to be thankful. To consider how much life I have enjoyed in the past year and to prayerfully consider the opportunities of the coming year.

Thank you, Jesus.

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Mary said...

So many possibilities.