Thursday, February 19, 2009

...its a wonderful town!

Probably my first introduction to New York:

My trip was so full, and yet I didn't get to see 1% of what I want to see in NYC. NYC feels like an analogie of life - there is just so much more than you can even imagine and yet we miss most of it just trying to get from place to place.

Saturday morning I had an interview with the NYC Teaching Fellows. A great program really, but pretty competitive. The interview was interesting, and the people I met were very interesting.

After the interview I walked around Union Square a little, and then went back to Brooklyn. It was the first time I figured out the trains completely by myself and I remembered how to get where I was going without having to look in my 'everything' book for directions. I blogged a little when I got back to Natalie's and then Liz came over and met me at Natalie's (she was hanging out in Brooklyn anyway, 'cause that is how she rolls.) We went to a little place called The Habitat in Brooklyn. Natalie met us there on her way back from seeing a movie with friends. It was a nice quiet, relaxed evening. I had brocolli and cheese soup and a glass of sangria. It was a chilly night but the walk back to Natalie's wasn't so bad, and I slept well.

Sunday morning I got up and went to the Upper West Side to meet Liz and her roommate Mindy for church at Trinity Grace. The service was great, and I really enjoyed the message. I also like their motto, "Joining God in the renewal of all things."
Liz and I had bagels for lunch that day and then we put together a wardrobe she bought from Ikea. I really should have taken a picture of it because we did such a smashing good job! Then we went to All Angels Church for the evening service. It is where Natalie has been attending lately. (You might recognize the name if you have read "Girl meets God" by Lauren Winner - which I would highly recommend.) The service was half liturgical and half contemporary. I enjoyed it very much. Basically, they are discussing being bold in our witness, challenging us to be fully present in every moment to be aware and available in our lives. I felt encouraged greatly by their genuiness and humble spirit. The church has several homeless members that attend the Sunday night service and then they share a meal afterwards with all present.

However, we skipped the meal as I was craving pizza!!!! Liz and I went down to Arturo's on Houston. (That is House-ton btw, not Houston (like the city in Texas.) New Yorkers are weird.) Here is one review of the restaurant. I thought the food was pretty good, though the service was moderate to poor and the wait was long. It is a fun atmosphere though. Prices have gone up since the 2003 review I liked too - Now it is $18-$20 for a small pie. Youch! But we split it, so it wasn't so bad.

We parted ways after and again I made my way home via train and did not get lost. *does empowered dance*.

I think I will save Monday for a separate entry because I have alot of pictures I want to post.

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