Friday, January 16, 2009

Some odds and ends

I have a lot of odds and ends to post again. Lotsa pictures of things, stuff and other things.

First, I went to the stationary store today and bought some things for me and my nephew. A cute pencil box and some pens. Pens like these are usually $3 or $4 in the States, but here they are under $1. Stickers!!!! And a cat shaped 'sleep eye mask' for the plane. I giggled with glee.

This morning, when I left my aparment I found that it was snowing!

Of course, the kids loved it. It was so hard to get them all in a picture.

After lunch we played in the snow.

Lunch today was that weird, not-even-close-to-shrimp shrimp-shaped fried things. They taste good, but more like rice noodles than meat. We also had rice (of course) and soup and pasta salad and yogurt for dessert. Quite satisfying.

James had two bowls of soup. He is often a bottomless pit!

Laura was chatting me up at lunch.

This is Harry and I.

After work today (after my visit to the stationary store - my favorite consumer haunt) a hoard of us when to have dinner for Mark's birthday.

Jess and I at dinner.

We ate Sam Gyup Sal. Here is the meat on the grill and the fixings.

We also had green noodles that are made out of some kind of mountain plant. Not sure what I was eating but it tasted good.

It was a good day. Hard to believe I have less than a week left. Oh, Korea, how I will miss you!!!

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Jess said...

I am so glad it finally snowed for you! Looks like a good time. I am dying for it to snow here.