Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Glasses, New bangs.

So, everytime I prepare to leave the country I realize that normal things I know I will be able to get might become suddenly unavailable - like what if I need new glasses. This usually means a last minute run to see if I can find anything on sale. I always go to the Walmart Vision Center (because I seem to perpetually be without insurance, and they are cheap and fast.) The same ladies have helped me out prior to my last trip to Thailand, last year's trip to the DR and this current adventure to Seoul. They always oooo and ahhhhh over my travel experiences and send wishes that they could go, etc. I appreciate this because it helps remind me that I am blessed (not burdened) to have these opportunities. They are some fantastic ladies and they made my Thursday and Friday a bit brighter!

So, here are the new glasses:

This morning without bangs and with fresh makeup and natural sunlight :-).

Bangs and glasses
This is in my car in the garage.

inside against a white wall -- bangs and glasses

What do you think?

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