Monday, December 1, 2008

For Real Now

The email of my itinerary came in last night about 11.30pm EST. (That is Monday afternoon in Korea.) So, now I have my flight itinerary, my visa (in my passport), a real winter coat and a mound of paperwork here for cpcc to get through by this Friday. BUT, it all looks legit and is a done deal. Wow.

My flight going out looks like it will be a bit of a headache. Charlotte to Memphis to Seattle to Seoul. Coming back it is Seoul to Narita to Minneapolis to Charlotte. BUT the good thing is that all of my layovers look shortish (1-2 hours). So, as long as there is no snow to back up the airports, it should be fine.

I fly out Dec 22 and come back Jan 23 - so a month, exactly.
I leave at 7 am Dec 22nd from Charlotte and get into Seoul at 9:10 PM Dec. 23rd! What is WHACK is that I leave Seoul at 11:05 Jan 23rd and get to Minneapolis at 11:05 the same day. (but will be flying 13 hours in between!) I am scheduled to arrive in Charlotte at 4:51 PM but will have been traveling for around 19 hours. Time Zones are amazing.

Anyway, I am sure you will see and hear much more over the following 2 months of my exciting travels. :-) I leave in 21 days. 3 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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