Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 2 of school

I met my T, TH, Sat classes today. One of the 4 is phenominal. Good students, work hard, listened, participated. The other 3 classes were more difficult than the M, W, F group was. But that is ok. I know that sometimes a class that starts out rough gets better and vice versa.

Since the slide show I put together yesterday didn't work so well, and because I don't have a ton of pictures, here are some photoes from today.

This is my homeroom class and my 4th period class on T, Th & Sat.

This is the class I have 1st period on T, Th & Sat. There were a few that were a little behind, but overall they are pretty good.

This is my second period class and they are AWESOME!!!! Smart, great English skills, attentive. Well behaved.

Yesterday we got into the cafeteria early. Today we were one of the last classes and the line took forever. Hundreds of hungry kids do not make for patient and well-ordered lines. But we survived.

Our cafeteria lunches have been great! Yesterday and today we had the same thing - Fried Fish with tartar sauce, rice with carrots and corn cooked in and a thin layer of egg laid across the top with some sweet brown gravy, and a cabbage salad on the side.
They always serve some kimchi and a tangerine and the yellow on the right is some kind of root - but I am not sure what. And there is always some chicken broth.

This is my homeroom class eating lunch. My Assistant is the one standing with the weird animal earmuffs on her head. Her name is YeaJi. She is very sweet and very capable! A great assistant.

This is the walk down the steps from the cafeteria. There is a really pretty fountain running down the middle, though at the moment it has no water in it, just the remnants from some snow a week ago.

This is the view up the steps. We climb all those steps everyday to get to the cafeteria. (And it is really even worse than it looks because the top two flights look like one flight in this picture and about half of them you cannot see because of the angle.)

This is my 3rd period class T, Th & Sat. They were very well behaved as well. We are studying the Age of Inventions in their class.

This is my locker just inside the entrance across from the elevator on the 7th floor where my tiny room is. I am learning to utilize it since A.) we cannot wear our shoes inside and carrying them back and forth is a pain and B.) my room is so tiny, that any way to keep things organized and neat is very appreciated. I have a key so I can lock it. So I keep some gloves, shoes, scarf, hat, etc. in there (since I have to put all that stuff on every time I go outside!)

Yesterday I did not spend any money at all. Today I spent about 10,000 won (roughly $7.50). I bought a can of coffee and a bottle of tea in the morning and this afternoon I bought a slice of pizza, a cream filled 'cookie bread' and a small loaf of mocha cream bread. The container on the right I was hoping was drinkable yogurt for breakfast but it turns out it is actually banana flavored milk, so I think I will eat it on my cereal tomorrow morning. I also bought a small pair of scissors so I can cut the yarn I am using to crochet.

I went to sleep about 10.30 last night but work up about 4.30 this morning so I am pretty tired (it is 7 pm right now.) I *think* I have found a friend to go to church with in the morning! I am very excited. Then maybe we will get to see something of Seoul. I just hope we don't have to leave TOO early in the morning, though I probably will be awake anyway.


Andy Denton said...

awesome photos! love this travel blog.

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet little smile in that first pic. It makes me want to squeeze you.

Man, I would be having a crash course in adventurous eating there, because my experiences with Korean food so far have been made of fail on my part. Some of the stuff does sound really good, though.