Saturday, November 15, 2008

A mishmash of mentally motivating moments

I have but a few minutes before the desperate need for sleep replaces regular cognition. So, I am spitting them out here like too hot soup:

I happened upon a blog that I think I might start reading with some regularity.
Sprit21 are writings by a muslim woman living in the U.K. who reflects upon different aspects of her faith much as Christians reflect on their own. I have only scratched the surface of her blogging, but I feel it might have some significant contributions to make in my daily considerings of this quickly spinning globe that is hurling through space with such accuracy the stars quiver with joy.

Ok, second random thought:
If you find Boxer Rebellion under Wikipedia and scroll down toward the bottom, on the right hand you will find THIS picture.

I am not sure why the picture struck me so strongly, but I have a few good guesses and here they are: Did you see how the father had submitted himself to take on the traditional chinese appreance? This makes me think he was genuine about relating to the Chinese as equals (instead of trying to westernize them). It was the middle daughter, not he eldest that was killed (I believe) when her parents were murdered during the Boxer Rebellion. Now, I have no idea what they were missionaries of, who sent them, or why they died (outside of the obvious) but when I studied that picture, the un-knowness of their story made my heart cry out. I want to know these people and why they did what they did and why they died for what they did.

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