Friday, May 23, 2008

Our light and momentary afflictions

sometimes we have moments in our lives that we realize that the frustrations and even the sincere pains that we experience are really just moments of inconvenience in the perspective of eternity. we are surrounded by a world of pain and hopelessness; situations so far past our ability to understand and cope with that we shake our head speechless with wonder. we know that these things pass and that new struggles will replace them. we know that sometimes our struggles leave deep scars or spaced of emptiness in our lives and in our stories. this knowledge does not lessen the pain, but it also does not have to increase it. and I am thankful for the times that I realize that the cross that I have taken up willingly is the exact one crafted to fit most easily on my back and shoulders and that there is no shame in carrying with humility and with intention. I have been given only what God intends to provide for and no matter the horror of it, or the disappointment or the incomprehensible pain - whatever the trial, it is but a momentary and light affliction compared to the glory of walking in relationship with my Savior.

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