Monday, March 17, 2008

Blast from the Past

I saw on another blog some folks reliving 80's and early 90's Christian Rock. SWEET! So, I have searched the youtube and selected some of my favorites for your remembering pleasure.

The first I select because not only do I love the song, but I am pretty sure my dad edited the video when he was working at Park Road Productions in the 80's. I have great memories of being at those studious and I vague recollections of the peptobismal pink headboard in this video. The ironic thing was that years later when Forest Hill had bought the property and had remodeled the studio area into a glorified gymnasium where they held services (before they built the sanctuary) we saw Randy Stonehill in concert. I guess the world does keep turnin' round.

Here is another oldy. I remember going to Mylon & Brokenhearts concert in Ohio in 88? with my friend Lisa. She was way into the Christian music stuff then, and I was more of a newbie since in 88 I was 12 and just starting to pick out music for myself. And apparently, this is what I picked:

Remember, these were the times when popular christian eschatology was determined by "Thief in the Night" and whatever far-fetched drama Hal Lindsey was promoting. (LaHaye and Jenkins, eat your heart out!) But even more funny is the computer the guy is using and the 45" Though I remember those - we had some great video games for our Commodore 64, and don'tcha forget it!

We sang this one in youth choir. I am pretty sure that was when everyone was rocking the 3" high teased and hairsprayed bangs. I should dig up those pics.

And if you stuck it this long, I will leave you something a little less crunchy and more old school:

(you have to click the link and I will personally take you out to dinner and worship at your feet if you can tell me who sang it - not the band (its in the ID on the song) but who was IN the band at that time.....)

***updated to see if that link works better***

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