Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My kingdom for a moto...

My roommates and I decided when we first got here that we would try to live for a while without transportation; the exercise would be good for us. What we have found out is that time is our biggest restraint, not a lack of energy or desire. Additionally, we live a little ways up the mountain from town, and carrying groceries of any heft (laundry detergent, dog food, milk, yogurt, flour, sugar) is very tiring. We do fill our backpacks, etc. but still feel about ready to call it a day upon lugging up to the house the things we have purchased in town.

Sometimes we are invited to parties, dinners, bible studies, and other events that we cannot get to. Church is very difficult, as we have to come up with a ride. Anything that needs to be done after dark is impossible...walking after dark here is really not advisable...especially not up the Avenida as it is pitch black for a few hundred feet. All this to say, we really need some transportation.

We started really praying about it a month ago, and immediately someone donated 13,000 pesos. Since then we have received an additional 1,200. We are still about 10,000 short, however; 10,000/32 is $312.50 in U.S. I am asking if anyone would be willing to commit to $50.00 toward this end. When I leave, I will not retain the bike...I will donate it the teachers here, so you would not only be helping me out, but also future teachers. Please consider donating toward this cause. The information for tax deductible donations is to the right of the posting. (Contact info, shipping info, etc.) We are hoping to make the purchase in the next two weeks, so we are praying fervently that God will provide for this need, as He has already shown He is faithful to do.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts toward the fulfillment of this need!

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