Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Maybe I will tell you all about it when I'm in the mood to lose my way with words...

Blogging is an art form all its own. I begin to see my life in experiences that would make great blogs. Like the xkcd comic:

Yesterday evening when we received our new Dominican refrigerator was just such a moment. First, I have never experienced a refrigerator that two men can toss around as though it were a beach ball. Seriously, this thing weighs about 2 pounds (ok, maybe a little more, but not much.) The old American fridge which they took away today was on wheels, but even so, you had to throw your body weight into it to move it about. Also, the Dominican fridge was wrapped and brand new! Wow! Certainly such an event deserves an honorable mention in the blog.

My mother was here this past weekend which was wonderful. I didn't get any pics of her unpacking the 330 pounds of luggage she brought, but I would like to say thank you to Michelle for the CD's, to Lisa for the goodies (such luxuries!), to Charity & my Aunt Betty for the school supplies and house stuff and to TMT for the school supplies. My parents really put alot of effort into bringing me some things which will make life easier and I REALLY appreciate it!

It was busy the whole time Mom was here. Saturday we had a lovely late lunch at a fancy restaurant here named Lena's.

We did normal saturday shopping and errand running. Endured a can see the clouds building up.

More about the visit later...I have some video I want to post, but I don't have the time to upload it right now...maybe tomorrow.

I do have a few more pics of my classes. This is the 9th grade:

Geuri (pronounced 'hay-o-dee') is on the far left, then Monica, Roberto is on my right, then David, JC and Genssy. The 9th grade gives me gobs of trouble. They are on chapter 1 of their book where the rest of my classes are on 4 or 5. The 9th grade just has a harder time. They are also lazy. Monica and Genssy are great students, but the rest of the boys are incorrigible to say the least. Geuri, JC and David currently have a bet with me that they can make it til Oct 5th without being sent down to the office. If they can I owe them chocolate. If they cannot, then they owe me chocolate...well, today Geuri & JC & Roberto were in the office. *sigh* I am frustrated for them because I want them to do well, but on the other hand they need to start taking accountability for their actions. I do really enjoy them all though. They are witty and fun to hang out with even if they are a little unruly at times.

This is the 7th grade:

Anthony & Jerry are down front. Adonis is on the far left. Then Gregory, Ana, Edward is the peace sign in the front, Richard is behind Ana, Javier is hiding behind folks in the back and Jairo is on the far right. Romaris was sick that day, so she wasn't in the pic. I will have to take another one soon. I really enjoy the 7th grade. They are bright, their english is very good and they generally seem to like history. They have days when they are high-strung and talkative. The biggest issue is that Anthony, Richard and Jerry are all class clowns (with Gregory and Edward thrown in there on occassion.) Last week Richard ended up standing up the whole class period because he couldn't sit still and read without trying to covertly do his homework, clown around or otherwise disturb the class. Today Anthony stood for about 20 minutes because even though we were watching a movie, he wouldn't be quiet and sit still. I hate sending them to the office for having the fidgets, but on the other hand, they need to learn to control their tongues and their desire to be laughed at and get attention. The problem is that they often get me laughing so hard that it is hard to maintain order at all....I hope I get better at keeping a straight face. On the other hand, I like that I am still entertained and enjoying myself with them enough to get the giggles during class. They are funny kids, and laughing is good for the soul.

Lastly, here is a small update on Pila, my puppy. She has grown on me and now I think she is adorable.

She still has her moments of being obnoxious and unmannered, but her spastic moments are growing shorter and her obedient and affectionate moments longer, so I am well pleased. She is growing alot too. This picture was taken a few days ago and I can already tell she is bigger now than then.

I want to include so much more, but time and tiredness prohibit me, so stay tuned...more is on its way.


Tessa said...

Have the roommates gotten used to the dog as well?

glad you enjoyed your visit with your mom :)

I went to the courthouse while I was home and picked up a passport application and got a certified copy of my birth certificate. So maybe I'll manage to plan a visit there yet.

Charity said...

You know, I just went and looked up Dengue online... maybe it would help everyone's concern level if you posted something regarding what exactly dengue is. Those of us who don't frequent tropical island don't really know. On a side note... apparently some doctors in Thailand are testing a vaccine that has already passed the initial animal tests and small study group human tests. Now they are at the large numbers of children that they are testing. Oh.. it is a child's vaccine that they are working on. I just thought you might find that interesting.